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ElliottHalls welcomes you back in the gallery with the exhibition Light vs. Dark. The gallery is open by appointment—contact us to book your time slot.

Light vs. Dark is a vibrant tribute to colour in contemporary photography, showcasing some of the gems from the gallery’s extensive archive.

The ‘light’ side of the exhibition includes large format pieces by South African artist Michelle Sank from her ‘Insula’ series. These celebrate the ocean and big skies, beautifully alongside American photographer Daniel Mirer’s ‘Indifferent West’ series, which explores the myth of the American ‘Wild West’ in vibrant colour.

In dramatic contrast, the ‘darker’ half of the show includes the pensive and somewhat emotionally charged landscapes from Matthew Murray’s ’Saddleworth’ series. These photographs are impressive in their large-scale and sit aside Jason Oddy’s powerful architectural interiors.

Both the light and dark sides of this exhibition are punctuated throughout with incredible bursts of almost ‘electric’ colour from Christopher Bucklow’s small but impactful ’Sunburst’ pieces, which tie the whole show beautifully together.

We hope that you’ll agree, that this exhibition reminds us that every cloud has a silver lining!