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Ibasho is delighted to present a retrospective solo exhibition featuring the works of Japanese photographer fotografie at our gallery.

Ninomiya, born in Nagoya in 1969, relocated from Japan to Strasbourg, France in 1988 to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. This move not only allowed him to explore his artistic aspirations but also fostered a deepening appreciation for his native culture and philosophies. Regular visits to Japan, particularly to the mountainous region of Gifu, serve as a source of inspiration for his photography. It is in Strasbourg where Ninomiya translates these experiences into his artistic creations.

Throughout the series to be showcased, the profound connection between Ninomiya and Japan is unmistakable. Moreover, his body of work is infused with the essence of wabi-sabi, celebrating the beauty found in imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness.

The series “Katami” (2013) grapples with the transience of life. Following the passing of his mother, Ninomiya embarked on creating photograms of her kimonos as a tribute to her memory. These ephemeral pieces poignantly reflect the fragile nature of human existence.

The flowing waters depicted in the waterfalls in “Taki” (2010 – 2018) symbolise the perpetual flux and passage of time inherent in both nature and life.

Water is also the habitat of the carps that are the subject of Ninomiya’s series “Nokomi” (2017 – ongoing), in which Ninomiya captures carp swimming upstream in the same water that was used to craft the washi paper upon which they are portrayed. The irregular edges of the prints not only underscore the beauty found in imperfection but also signify the constant motion within the water and the universe at large.
The ongoing series “Glanage,” initiated in 2019, comprises delicate oro-tone vignettes that Ninomiya gathers, serving as tokens of gratitude for the fleeting moments of beauty encountered in everyday life.

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