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Janette Beckman Rebels
The exhibition Rebels is the first large scale retrospective of the iconic punk and hip-hop photographer Janette Beckman. With a photographic career stretching over four decades, she documented pivotal underground movements from the early stages of the punk and hip-hop scene to recent movements like Black Lives Matter. The exhibition sheds light on themes such as social justice, political activism, and youth culture.

About the artist
Janette Beckman (b. 1959) is a British American photographer, currently residing in New York, known for her work on subcultures. Over the years, her work has received international recognition and has even entered the permanent collection of prestigious institutions such as the British National Portrait Gallery. In her early career, Beckman worked for influential music magazines, capturing the biggest artists of that time. More recently she has photographed for big clients, such as the Gucci x Dapper Dan shoot for Interview Magazine, whilst continuing her work by documenting today’s emerging subcultures.

free public opening
10 May 2024
18.30 – 21.00 hrs

Image annoucenemnt: Portrait of 3 guys and a car
LL Cool J, Cut Creator, and Brian Latture, New York City, 1987
Janette Beckman.

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