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FIFTY ONE TOO is proud to present a striking exhibition showcasing the legendary work of Jack Garofalo, a renowned photographer whose Harlem series for Paris Match in the 1970s captured the essence of one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods during a transformative era.

This exhibition brings together a selection of color and black-and-white photographs of Garofalo’s most evocative images, offering viewers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of Harlem. Taken during a six-month sojourn in the summer of 1970, these photographs not only depict the physical landscape of Harlem but also poignantly capture the spirit, resilience, and beauty of its community during a time of significant social and cultural change.

Garofalo’s work for Paris Match is celebrated for its profound humanity and stark realism. His lens focused on everyday life, highlighting the struggles and joys of Harlem residents. From intimate portraits to vibrant street scenes, each photograph tells a story, offering a window into a world that, while geographically specific, speaks to universal themes of community, identity, and belonging.

Photo : Jack Garofalo / Paris Match

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