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Galerie Gomis is thrilled to invite you to our third exhibition at Galerie Gomis, as part of Brussels Photo Festival:


 This showcase brings together a diverse array of perspectives from emerging talents, featuring the works of Togo Yeye from Lomé (Togo), Kader Diaby (Ivory Coast), Alexia Fiasco (France/Cape Verde), Kyle Weeks (Namibia), Ruby Okoro (Nigeria), Gleeson Paulino and Mar+Vin (Brazil) , and Bettina Pittaluga (France/ Uruguay)
What unites these distinctive voices is a profound connection to tradition and culture. Togo Yeye’s vibrant and playful approach to fashion, along with Mar+Vin’s sleek aesthetic, pays homage to the rich tapestry of traditional folklore and divinities shared between Brazil and West Africa. In his twilight images, Kader Diaby delves into his traditional “Malinké” heritage, challenging superstitions deeply rooted in his culture..
Gleeson Paulino takes us on a spiritual journey of reconnection through his dreamlike series, “Batismo.” Kyle Weeks captures the potent essence of Ghana’s youth culture, revealing its power through creative expression. Ruby Okoro boldly experiments with and explores the afrofuturist genre, inviting us into his celestial universe. Bettina Pittaluga, in her candid portraits, unveils the free spirit of Sonia Itchi, a French Tunisian model and muse.

In this collective exploration, each artist becomes a storyteller, weaving narratives that bridge the gap between the past and the future. As we navigate through these visually compelling works, the exhibition transcends geographical boundaries and cultural nuances. It becomes a celebration of the universal threads that connect us all.
Join us at Galerie Gomis for an immersive experience where tradition and innovation converge, giving rise to the visual voices that will shape the future.

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