Rotterdam Photo is happy to announce the launch of the Singles Open Call.

The theme:  ”A Room To Breathe, Speak & Act”.
Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit their works and join the festival.
Deadline December 20th

Submit your work
The outbreak of the Covid-19 disease and the further lockdown has posed great challenges, not only to the world’s economy but also to our daily lives. Millions of people faced different types of difficulties during this period, and social isolation only fostered stress, fear, and emotions of constant uncertainty. However, being locked in a ‘room’, many people had found new ways to express themselves – ‘breathe, speak, and act’.

These months, we observed abundant creativity and innovation emerging at national, institutional, organizational, and individual levels. While experts had called the lockdown ‘the world’s biggest psychological experiment’ with tremendous negative psychological effects, we invite photographers and visual artists to submit the ‘bright’ side of this crisis, which also became a strong drive of creativity and innovation; helping people to express and regulate their emotions.

What was the role of humor in helping people cope with stress and threats? How are we able to find a balance in our rooms between restrictions, stress, boredom, and creativity? Which personality factors, motivations, and emotions had led us to resilience and creative adaptability?

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