Rotterdam Photo Festival in partnership with the Tiradentes Photo Festival and with the support of the Netherlands consulate-general in São Paulo/Brazil, launches an open call that invites photographers to reflect on the theme: THE URBAN BETWEEN REALITY AND UTOPIA

This open call seeks to bring together photography works from the most diverse perspectives (documentary, personal and poetic images).

Deadline September 20th 2021 

Submit your work

The history of humanity is marked by the search for the construction of the ideal city, a project pursued by rulers, artists, philosophers and urban planners throughout the centuries. Whether in the present or the design of a better future, the urgency of a collective reconstruction of urban space becomes evident amidst the inequalities of access to the right to the city.

The pandemic served as a mirror for us to reflect on the contemporary needs of urban space, to think of the city not only as a monument or as an architectural space, but also as the shared place of living, of encounters between bodies that inhabit multiple experiences of negotiation of everyday life.

How can the creative process and imagination resignify and build the future in the plurality of perspectives, bodies, and experiences? What does this urban consist of, who builds it, under which pretext, and for whom? What are the possibilities and challenges found in the shared space of utopia? Having the image and the urban as a basis for questioning, the proposal aims to bring together artworks that share experiences, reflections and anguish between reality and utopia.

The images will be published on the social networks of both festivals and at the end of the call, a selection of the projects submitted will be exhibited in a night projection during the Tiradentes and Rotterdam festivals.

Submission is free of charge.

Images must be submitted between

July 27th and September 20th 2021.

Images sent after the deadline will not be accepted. Individual or collective works may be submitted. The call accepts submissions up to 10 (ten) photos.