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This exhibition offers a non-exhaustive look at Service-Stations highlighting their different aspects, in the past, the present and the future (do they have any future?), through a collection of photos and paintings gathered over the years. A cocktail of nostalgy, history, aesthetics, romantic, social life, business, realism, notwithstanding a pinch of humor here and there. A tentative to uncover the soul of the service-station, changing a boring story into a lively, almost sexy one.

Works by: Jaap Bijsterbosch, Harrie Blommesteijn, Valentin Brindesi, Eric Chan, Jessie Chaney, Cheri-Cherin, Matt Dunlap, Odile Gesse, Araun Gordijn, Dutch den Hollander, Jacques Meijer, Wanda Michalak, Simon Nicoloso, Adrienne M. Norman, Jorgen Polman, Paul Schaublin, Tomek Sikora, Nico vd Stam, Marek Stawski, Michiel Voet & Jeroen Bisseroux, Witkowska-Verbunt, Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Marion Post Wolcott

Photo announcement: South Bend, Indiana (USA) 2020 © Matt Dunlap

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