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Sara Punt her work is characterised by strong black and white contrasts and bodies that take on abstract shapes. These contrasting shapes are a result of a personal exploration carried out together with her models.

The past 4 years Punt has, in the series “In the Absence of Eye”, focussed on abstracting the human form away from the sexual gaze and preceptions that were created through trauma, upbringing and social media. Because Punt depicts the body in the way she does, turning it into an independent shape or work of art, she creates a certain distance between person and body. This process contributes to disconnecting the body from the ideas that have been projected onto it. By doing so, the body can be accepted and turned into the artwork it truly is.

After the release of her first book “In the Absence of Eye”, Punt started two new series. One is a collaboration between Marlou Fernanda and herself, named “Polymorphism”. The series is about realizing there is not only one ‘you’. There are dozens of versions of who you think you are, who you used to be and who you could possibly become that all live together in the same body. It’s about realizing that in order to accept who you really are, you must accept that you exist in all those different versions, yet none of those versions is who you truly are.

Punt also started a series in which she dives into the erotic, named “Charmed by the Snake”, where she explores sexuality, bdsm, intimacy and eroticism. Besides the believe that the naked body is not innately sexual, Punt also believes our sexual energy to be extremely powerful, freeing and healing. She strives to honor that side of her own journey in this highly intimate and personal series.

A selection of all three series will be put on show during the “DUALITIES” exhibit, including never-before-seen work from her series “Charmed by the Snake”.

Check the artist on www.kahmanngallery.com

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