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Back in 2003, Elliott Gallery opened its doors as one of the very first, purely Fine Art Photography Galleries in The Netherlands, with an extraordinary exhibition by the internationally renowned British Fashion design duo, Antoni + Alison.

Twenty years later, we couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to welcome their fabulous work back in Amsterdam and celebrating our Anniversary in the best way we could ever imagine! So, Elliott Gallery is honoured to present:

Photography NOT to Wear – Part II

A solo exhibition by Antoni of Antoni + Alison

Throughout their career, spanning more than 40 years, Antoni + Alison have studied to understand and work with the History of Fashion and for the past decade, the placement of fashion on a body. The draping of fabric, the height and placement of a line, the disguising or accentuating of a figure. The placement of a bow (or a tractor). Imagining how a Photograph can be worn in the best way possible.

This knowledge of both Photography and Fashion leaves them in a unique position to use the two in harmony, in order to balance a piece of work – whether it will be hung on the body or the wall. The cut of each dress has been meticulously worked out to be the most appropriate for the wearer, the photograph and the onlooker. All designed to not disturb the print, but equally make the wearer and the viewer happy and intrigued.

Antoni + Alison have always worked with photographing everyday and overlooked items. Their interest is driven by REALLY looking at what many may find mundane or insignificant, almost as if they are under a magnifying lens. Only then, an unseen beauty comes to the surface. The fabric becomes their photographic canvas, on which the blown-up images are printed on.

In his first exhibition as a solo Artist, Antoni Burakowski presents two Collections of 3D photographic objects. They happen to be either worn or hung on the wall. Either way, they are to be admired, laughed at, or dismissed. It doesn’t really matter, as long as they are looked at.

In a unique technique conceived by both Antoni and Alison, he decides to explore the visualisation of temperature and the fashion concept of being ‘Cool’ or ‘Hot’ in their work and its integral part in the perception of each piece. The images he uses have a sense of warmth or coolness, depending on the Collection they are part of. The front of a piece is equally as important as the back, so the completeness of the entire object is working and looking at it from all sides.

For the very first time, we are delighted to exhibit the actual brilliant Antoni+Alison dresses, together with a selection of their original photographs, showcasing the whole creative process and conception of their work. These pieces are part of a curated selection from the AW and SS Collection of 2023.

“Our fashion work has given us certain rules to follow. Like working with seasons and visually changing our work to follow each season. Our photographic work allows us to break certain rules. Like photographing the heaviest of items (the tractor or a heavy wool) and placing them on the lightest of fabrics, or making light even lighter, with our net, gauze or sky work.”

– Antoni Burakowi

About Antoni + Alison:

Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts-Jopp, are internationally renowned contemporary artists and fashion designers, most famous as Antoni + Alison. Their work explores the relationships between oddly juxtaposed objects and images that would never otherwise have existed together. Often the resulting image contains a strong element of humour completely unrelated to its component parts, but produced as a result of the amalgamation of the two.

They met at St. Martins School of Art in London, where Alison studied fine art and Antoni studied fashion. ‘From our college days we were blurring the edges of the two disciplines and have continued to do this for the past forty years, we have only ever worked together. We create for ‘the individual’ and follow our instinct rather than the trend.’

Antoni + Alison’s clothes are collected and worn by a very diverse range of celebrities and artists worldwide, including Bella Hadid, Chloe Sevigny, Clare Danes, Beth Ditto, Thandiwe Newton, Rachel Whiteread, Nicole Kidman, Kiki Smith, Agnes Deyn, Kate Moss and Katy Perry. In 2008, they were awarded MBE medals by Queen Elizabeth for their services to fashion and photography.

Their work exists as a ‘Living Archive’ at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London and is also in the permanent collection of The Huis Marseille Institute for Photography, Amsterdam and the Citibank Collection, London. They have worked on commissions for the esteemed Wallace Collection, London and have exhibited as far afield as The Photographers’ Gallery, London; Paris Photo; The Barbican London and The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, amongst others.

The Exhibition Opening will take place at Elliott Gallery on Saturday 27th May 2023 (17.00 to 20.00) in presence of the Artist.

The exhibition will be on view until 23rd of September.

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