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During Unseen, Galerie Baudelaire brings a double exhibition and kindly invites you to attend the opening of the exhibition FICTION ROMANCE / Martijn Doolaard and Garage Stills / Jacquie Maria Wessels on Thursday 19 September 2019 from 6 to 9 pm.

About Fiction romance: The starting point for each photo is an existing image, whether created by Doolaard or not, which he then digitally edits. His interventions are those of a painter: he wipes, fragments, fades, scratches, deforms, obscures or attacks with fierce swipes with his digital brush. The final designs generate a wealth of visual and interpretative possibili­ties that far exceed the modest parameters of the original image.

In a moment of inconsideration the familiar world disappears, and at the same time something unknown appears, that dismays and troubles, but also fascinates and attracts. Doolaard takes full advan­tage of the expressive potential of black-and-white photography by putting the imagination, and nothing but the imagination, first.

About Garage Stills : Photographer Jacquie Maria Wessels is fascinated by the special shapes and colours of the mysterious objects she dis­covers in the wonderful world of old car repair garages, so completely unknown to her. With the found attributes she creates still lifes on the spot. By extracting the objects from their everyday context and arrang­ing them in a completely new way, Wessels gives them in her surprising compositions a total­ly different dimension.

GALERIE BAUDELAIRE ON TOUR @ Westergasfabriek from  19 – 22 SEPTEMBER


THURSDAY 19.9: 14.30-21h

FRIDAY 20.9: 10.30-20h

SATURDAY 21.9: 10.30-20h

SUNDAY 22.9: 10.30-17h

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