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Hopstreet Gallery is happy to annouce a two person exhibition by Julie Cockburn and Noé Sendas.
“The works in the exhibition ‘Unknowns’ are from my ongoing series of portraits and landscapes. Seen through the prism of this pandemic, they seem to have taken on a different mantle. Everything I make seems to reflect or respond to or illustrate or be enveloped by the virus; the figures appear distorted through the Covid-19 lens; the embroidered, floating spheres that litter the landscapes seem both benign and malevolent. The beauty of the stitches and the colours and the shapes read more uncomfortably than they did before.
If we take the photographs to represent a form of reality, my interventions expose the fault lines in the rose-tinted images presented in the original photos of place and person.

But there is also joy in the work. The embroidered graphics that fracture the family portraits also evoke a connected harmony. The heavy, black, layered strata obscuring the bottom part of a landscape photograph are countered by the appearance of blossom, surely a sign of hope and renewal.” – Julie Cockburn

“My work in the exhibition “Unknowns” is about human relationships. Love, trust, and even despair. It’s about finding new cracks in history of representation of human relationships.
I do believe that the powerful positive energy that will be released once this terrible pandemic is over will have a direct reflection on the artist works, including mine, in the years to come. This has been seen before in history as for example after both great wars. For now we the artists just have to keep it together, keep on going and keep on working.” – Noé Sendas

Photo announcement:
Julie Cockburn
Plumped, 2020
Hand made acrylic pompom on found photograph
24.9 x 19.6 x 5 cm, frame 44 x 39 x 10 cm, unique

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