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Coinciding with the inauguration of the second gallery space in Amsterdam, Bildhalle is proud to present “RHYTHM”, the new solo show of Bastiaan Woudt.

As the rhythm of everyday life was stripped away during the lockdown, Woudt was determined to recover it creatively and visually. This has resulted in an extensive series of new works, which were photographed over the last two years.

2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of Bastiaan Woudt’s career as art photographer. In the past decade he has experienced a meteoric rise, leaving an undeniable mark on the world of contemporary art photography.

The charcoal tones and elegance of his compositions create the feeling of stepping into a modern painting. Light and shadow dance gracefully. You’ll find a hint of surrealism in the sober shades, which draw attention to the essence of every detail.Woudt’s work is minimalistic yet moving, playing with the beauty of imperfection.

The exhibition is part of a bigger celebration, as Woudt also launches a book of the same name – RHYTHM – in which he combines commissioned work with selections from his personal archives of the past decade. This selfreflective document encapsulates the artist’s creative evolution in 500 pages.

Bildhalle has represented Bastiaan Woudt in the Swiss market since October 2019 – and so successfully that extending the mutual collaboration to the Dutch market feels like an organic next step.