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Winter is a time of cosiness and warmth at home, and beautiful white landscapes, but can also be the bitter time of harsh coldness, desolation and discomfort. Picturalists like Stieglitz captured winter as harmless beautiful frozen landscapes, but you only have to think of the photos of Josef Koudelka, the paintings by Caspar David Friedrich or Schubert’s famous Winterreise to know that wintertime is not necessarily the happiest time of the year.

Josef Koudelka photographed scared dogs in abandoned winter parks and isolated wanderers fighting the snow, just as Friedrich painted this kind of scenes 200 years earlier. Schubert’s hero sets of in a dark and freezing winter night, mocked by ravens, to rid of his lost love. But on the other hand, Martin Parr had great fun capturing people during winterholidays, Inge Morath photographed winter most idyllically, and Agnus McBean enjoyed himself with making fun christmas cards.

We looked for artistic photography showing the feeling of a Winterreise. Of course winter landscape photo’s are part of the exhibition, but we wanted the Winterreise-exhibition also to be a timeless show, dealing with various emotions, feelings and atmospheres. Images of (lost) love, romance, grief and hurt, happiness and loneliness, comfort and security, coldness, nature and trees, and yes, of winter.

The exhibition contains beautiful works of: Valentin Bansac (Fr), Joeri van Beek, Rommert Boonstra, Sanne Etienne, Nicole Hagesteijn, Mike Harris, Pascale Hustings, Irminia Lentjes, Mischa Keijser, Marie-Louise Linnemeijer, Jacqueline Louter, Julia Lowinska (Pl), Marlike Marks, Sander Martens, Stefanie Minzenmay (De), Willem Overtoom, Dieter Provoost (Be), Olga Rook, Sas Schilten, Stefano David (I), Helma Vlemmings, Douwe van Voort and Corien de Witte.